Smartphone-grade Technology in an Electronic Training Collar

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You might have heard the buzz this week from the guys out in Cupertino, California hawking their new smartphones with snazzy OLED displays. These screens are the new must-have thing in phones, TVs, and smartwatches. Would you care to take a guess who also offers these state-of-the-art displays? Yep. The SportDOG® Brand SportTrainer series of training collars also feature OLED display technology.

So what, you say? Fair question. The dynamic display on the SportTrainer transmitter lets you view the current dog you’re training, as well as the collar’s static stimulation level and mode. That way, there’s no guesswork when the time comes to make a correction. It even tells you your battery level - because who hasn’t accidentally run out of juice when that young, big-running prospect of yours decides to kick it into high gear and do his own thing?

And these OLED displays really (ahem) shine in the field. They are easy-to-read on those bluebird days, and for those of us who have eyes that have seen more than their fair share of seasons, the numbers are large and bold. They’re relatively easy on battery life, too.

Smartphone-grade technology in an electronic training collar. Because that’s Gear the Way You’d Design It®. Learn More about E-Collars.

By SportDOG Brand