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Trailer Maintenance: Small Steps to Avoid Major Problems

Amarin Cannon

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As gamekeepers, a very important asset that most people use is a trailer, and with most all things in life, they require maintenance and upkeep. With that being said, it is usually easy to maintain with a few important steps. Over the years, I have been involved with and seen several trailer issues cause problems in a number of precarious positions. One situation where I wish I had known more about bearings on trailers, I was with a friend in Venice, Louisiana coming home from a long day of fishing when a tire came off, catapulted itself fifty yards into the bay, and taunted us until the wind drifted it closer to shore. We ended up having to leave the boat and trailer on the shoulder of the road, and drive to the nearest town for parts, inevitably in which they did not have. After that debacle, I learned it was much easier to maintain, rather than repairing a trailer. 

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